I am a multidisciplinary textile designer. My interest lies in material investigation, color exploration, everyday objects and sustainable material source. My works are characterized by material study, textile craft and my passion for color. Everyday culture is very important to me. The interaction between objects and people and the narrative quality of objects are the backbone of my creation.

I received my Bachelor in Textile Design from KABK, the Netherlands. During my study, I have collaborated with Textile Lab in Textile Museum Tilburg in producing knitted panels for my graduation. I exhibited in De Electriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag and EMU Digital Gallery, Taipei. 

I freelanced for Bless Berlin and Jongeriuslab. 

2015,Exposed,de Electriciteitsfabriek, Netherlands
2016,Exposed,de Electriciteitsfabriek, Netherlands
2017,Exposed,de Electriciteitsfabriek, Netherlands
2018,Exposed,de Electriciteitsfabriek, Netherlands
2018,Graduation Festival,Royal Academy of arts the Hague,Netherlands
2019, The Forth Generation, EMU digital gallery,Taiepi